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Golubka for Ukraine Fundraiser

Golubka for Ukraine fundraiser is an effort to raise money for four different organisations which are currently active during the war in Ukraine: Biblioteka KyivLivyh BerehBridges Over Borders and Come Back Alive. When we begin to feel powerless as a collective, as we so often do these days, it’s important to remember where you draw a line and take action.

The Golubka for Ukraine fundraising team decided that they would utilise what and who they already know to contribute. Each has a differing amount of personal closeness to the situation, but, like all the artists who donated time and work to this fundraiser, there is an eagerness to do something. A variety of artists, designers, musicians, publishers and craftspeople have donated items to sell in aid of these four organisations, which The Golubka for Ukraine see as doing essential work for Ukraine right now.

This sale will continue for two weeks, ending on 14th of June 2022. All sold items will be shipped on the 20th of June. Once the sale has ended and you would like to enquire about any unsold pieces, please contact the artist directly.

In the first section, we present works by Ukrainian artists whose works have made their way to London: Love Curly, Vova Vorotniov, Masha Pronina, Obies (Fedir Filatov), Jura Kanevski, Viktor Prokhorov and Volodymyr Pavlov.

Named after Vorotniov’s hometown, Chervonohrad has been drawn with coal that he collected in 2017 from a closed mine in Chervonohrad in West Ukraine. Vorotniov walked the coal all the way to Lysychansk in East Ukraine as a part of a project called ЗА/С Х1Д, which was the artists attempt at showing there is no such thing as West Ukraine or East Ukraine – it’s all one country.  The work comes unframed.


Chervonohrad by Vova Vorotniov, 2018

Artists, designers, musicians, publishers
and craftspeople who donated works

Caro<3, Sang Woo Kim, Aidan Duffy, Phoebe Collings-James, Firpal, Jawanda, Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Space Afrika, Bones Tan Jones, Sam, Cottington, Zoe Williams, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Ekaterina, Bazhenova-Yamasaki, Harley Weir, Penny Goring, Miranda Keyes, Furmaan Ahmed, Susu Laroche, Arthur Poujois, Alexia Marmara, Olga Pedan, Alessandro Raimondo, Racheal Crowther, Leomi Sadler, Gray, Wielebinski, Romane Courdacher, AF Webb, PeaPea, Brie Moreno, Tom, Hardwick-Allan, Jen O’Farrell, New Noveta, Stella Murphy, Claire Barrow, Bora Akincitürk, Gintare Sadauskaite, Nile HQ, HAUT, Galtev, ASHLEY WILLIAMS, Cecile Tulkens, HrH, Julie Vojtovics, Mainline, Rusfrcade, Jawara Alleyne, Phlegm Bags, Epoch A, Janina Pedan, Nasir Mazhar, Katya Zelentsova, Bog, Yullola, Auné Collections, Hurtence, Rosie Grace Ward, Wright le Chapelain, CLARA CHU, Sarah McCormack, Jack Stephenson, Coumba Samba, Ditto London, Arcadia Missa Publishers

Golubka for Ukraine Fundraiser